The First Step…

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lao Tzu

I took the first step a couple of weeks ago by leaving my job of thirteen years. A job that was fulfilling and rewarding as well as challenging. A job that I did very well and enjoyed but it was time to look to the horizon and see what else this world had to offer.

As I walked away from the corporate building, my thoughts were not on the accomplishments I attained but on the friends I was leaving behind.  People who I laughed, shared and worked with over the years and many of whom I will miss very much. But it was time for me to take a step into something new and fulfilling in a different way. To slow down at times and see the world around me.


We traveled to New Hampshire and have been enjoying the Autumn weather and colors which are very muted and late in coming due to an Indian summer that came in just when we arrived. I thought I left ninety degree temperatures when we drove out of Virginia, very unusual for this time of year in New England.  It did not take it long for brisk cool mornings to sweep in again with promises of much colder to come.

New Hampshire will always be home especially the White Mountains and Littleton. A place where as a child I ran and played through leaves and snow. A place that holds my heart and my joy.  The mountains are magnificent and the weather has been absolutely beautiful and clear. Coming back for more than just a quick visit to the house I grew up in is bring back many memories. Littleton has changed and grown but much of it is still very much the same as when I was a child. The Jax Jr. theater still looks as it did thirty plus years ago and the five dollar Saturday matinee was a great pleasure.  Downtown still has the same feel with a few more cars than I remember but leaf peepers are in town crowding the restaurants and streets. Once the leaves fall, they will all go home and things will quiet down again.

IMG_1782Waking up each morning and feeling the crisp clean air as we walk the Mutts around the campground has been very enjoyable and invigorating.  Taking the Mutts for a longer stroll through the Dells in Littleton with my ninety year old Mom reminiscing about times spent there. My Dad was very involved with in preserving the area through the Littleton Conservation Commission and to see his legacy still enduring was very moving. I miss him greatly.

We took a very pleasant drive across Vermont to visit old friends of Mom’s and spent the day visiting and catching up.  The day was spectacular and the mountains surrounded us in their splendor as we wound are way to and fro.

We leave in a few days to travel south for the winter but I know I will be back home again. Home to the mountains and beauty that is New England.


Until the next journey….


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