Blue Spring State Park…

Manatee— comes from the Taíno (pre-Colombian people of the Caribbean) word “manatí” which means “breast.”

Yesterday, we took my Mom to Blue Spring State Park where the manatees come to be in the warm waters during the Winter.  Manatees are beautiful creatures, slow moving and stately. They were mistaken for mermaids by Christopher Columbus in 1493.  The waters of the Blue Spring stay warm during the Winter from mid November to mid March when the leave again for the ocean waters. The spring can have hundreds of manatees during the peak in January. We only saw nine while we were there yesterday.

It was raining and wet but seeing these creatures in their natural habitat was amazing.  While they don’t look like much as we peered into the Spring, more like logs sliding under the water. A few times their noses would pop to the surface.

Over all it was a very enjoyable day walking along the paths and reading about the history of the Thursby house and the migration habits of the manatees.

Until the next Journey…

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