“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”
Dale Carnegie


We have settled down in central Florida in a small community with lots of activities and a 9-hole golf course. While I have never really golfed in my life, I decided to take a stab at it. The community, Lakes at Leesburg, has about five small lakes with the golf course weaving in and out of the lakes. Too many water traps for my liking and I really stink at golf!!  But…I am having fun, meeting new people and enjoying the wonderful sunshine state that is Florida.

The wildlife at our community is amazing!  The lakes attract a variety of birds and reptiles including a 5 foot alligator, which I have not been able to snap a photo of… yet.


Of course, the most noticeable birds we saw when we first arrived were the Sand-hill Cranes.

They scared us the first time we heard them but they are stately beautiful birds.  Their caw is very sharp and loud but they are gentle birds and can become a nuisance if fed by humans. They do find some interesting spots to sun themselves.  About six or seven wintered at the community, one female was missing its foot but seemed to manage fairly well.

On a quick walk yesterday, I spotted a White Ibis looking for some tender goodies, a male Anhinga airing out its glossy black wings, a beautiful great egret swooped down and posed just for me to take a snapshot as it slowly walked through the shallow water.



My favorite snapshot was of the Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks that were taking a bath and watching out for each other.



There is a small foot (or golf cart) bridge on hole one that has quite a few Florida Soft Shell Turtles swimming around. They are curious creatures and seem to swim up to the bridge and poke their little snorkel like snouts out of the water to say hello.




Last but not least are the cute lizards, I think they are Brown Anoles but I am not sure on that. They drive our mutts crazy as they scamper up the screens on the front porch and scoot along the ground. Lily kept chasing them to no avail but now seems to ignore them since she is unable to catch them.

The Mutts will be traveling this Summer so more to come!

Until the next journey….

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  1. Yes, they are the Brown Anoles from Mexico. This area was full of green native anoles when we moved here twenty years ago. But in the interim, the larger brown anoles have taken over and you almost never see a green one. As a non-native species, the naturalists are worried about the brown ones. BUT their attention is taken up by the Burmese Boa Constrictors who have eaten up all the small animals there (rabbits, racoons, coyotes, squirrels, etc.) so they seem to be moving northward. Yikes!


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