My Passion…

“Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to.”
Orson Scott CardSpeaker for the Dead

Why you might ask do I have a genealogy blog on my travel site? Studying genealogy and the history of ancestral migration, it is all about traveling.  Part of our travel this Summer is going to be around visiting places our ancestors once lived.  My passion for the last six or seven years has been to research our genealogy, my husband’s, my adoptive and my birth families.

This will take us all over the United States from Ted’s deep ancestral roots to some of the first New England earliest settlers to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia where his loyalist Burlock family settled after the Revolution.

My birth family will take us from New England settlers to the middle of the country and to the West and Texas where my birth family settled. I know very little of this history but I am learning more every day. I am glad to have connected to them over twenty years ago after an extensive search.  My grandparents, Madge Johnson Guthrie Moore and Jesse William Moore are shown above.

My adoptive family is situated around New York and across the ocean to Scotland and Germany including stories of wealth from my great-great grandfather George Ross MacKenzie, the fourth President of Singer Sewing Machine Company.

In the last few months I have gotten serious about this research.  My husband’s ancestry is fascinating with stories that are impelling and very interesting. I will focus on one ancestor story at a time over the next few months.

This blog is a great way to document our genealogical travel and to tell the stories we uncover about these people who lived so long ago.  We have planned a few side trips this Summer to Wilton Connecticut where our families, Ted’s and my adoptive family, owned the same house at different times over a hundred years ago uniquely joining our families over time.

We also want to visit Glen Spey and see the mansion, Burn Brae, that was my Elkin family’s Summer home in the late 1800s through the 1940s. My parents remember going there as children. The mansion still stands today.

Burn Brae Mansion- Glen Spey NY
Burn Brae Mansion- Glen Spey NY circa 1915. Photo from the Schaller Collection.

I want to solve a mystery around Ted’s Great Grandmother, Martha (Spittle) Burlock who died of meningitis in Stark New Hampshire in 1893 just a few years after emigrating to the US from Canada and her last daughter, with no known first name, born just eleven months before her mother died.  Did she die too?

These journeys through time are just as interesting and fun as a journey of miles.

Until the next journey….

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