Preparing for the Road…

“To Travel is to Live”
Hans Christian Andersen

We are getting prepared for our journey from Florida to Virginia then to Maine and New Hampshire. The plan along the way it to hit baseball parks, historical sites and just to enjoy the ride. It will take us six weeks to journey to the coast of Maine then on to New Hampshire for most of July but it will be fun.

We now have a small home in central Florida. We traded in the Class A Newmar Canyon Star that we lived in for almost four years and purchased a Class C Winnebago Minnie Winnie.  While there is less space (don’t need as much as we aren’t “living” in it year round), this cute unit will fit nicely into State and National parks as well as being more economical.  2018 Winnebago Minnie WinnieThis unit also has bunk beds,  the lower one is for the four legged kids and the top is great for storage of extra stuff.


They like it as it is easy jump in and it is a hidey hole for Lily who loves tight spaces cozy places. This will be our first real trip over the course of a few months.

While living full-time, we lost some of the fun of RVing. I certainly enjoyed meeting all the people who camped and lived full-time as we did.  Full-time RVing isn’t for everyone. We decided that we just aren’t “handy” enough for the situations that can arise while traveling full-time in an RV.  We were especially nervous should anything happen to the RV, either through an accident or just in need of major repairs, as we would have no where to go, all of our belongs are traveling with us and with two dogs it could become very expensive. And not to mention, nerve wreaking.   The house has now taken most of that anxiety away.  While we hope nothing ever happens, if it does, we can now come home.

Planning the Trip

First Half of the journey
First Half of the journey north from Florida to Virginia. (courtsey of

First thing was to map out how we were going to get north and where to stop. We use RV Trip Wizard to map out our trip. It is an excellent tool for RVers in planning out the trip. You can select all sorts of options from what campgrounds memberships you have and want to stay at to fuel stops available on the way. It also has a custom range finder, as the crow flies, to see what campgrounds or other POIs are available from a stop.  If you only want to drive 200 miles per day, set that to your max range and see what’s available. It maybe just a bit longer than the range due to roads but it is easy to see what is around near that range of miles.  It isn’t free and costs $39 per year but is well worth it.

We are traveling from Florida to Virginia over the course of about three weeks, stopping for an Atlanta Braves game and to see the sights as we travel North. We will be spending a week at Indian Cove Resort, our old haunting grounds when full-timing, to see old friends and our son who lives in North Carolina.

Second part of the journey
Second Half of the journey North from Virginia to New Hampshire. (courtsey of

The second half of the journey North will be to spend some time on the Chesapeake Bay and Shenandoah Valley then onto Washington DC to see the Nationals play and to visit the City.  From there we are headed to Massachusetts to see our daughter and grandchildren. After watching our granddaughter’s dance recital, we move onto Maine for a visit with Ted’s Aunt and finally to Littleton, New Hampshire, our home town, where we plan to stay for a while.

We are looking forward to our journey North. Only a couple of weeks more and we are on our way!


Until the next journey…

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