Baseball in Georgia…

It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball.
I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.
— Hank Aaron

Stadium #1 of 32 — Atlanta Braves at SunTrust StadiumIMG_3453.jpg

Our goal is to visit all 32 Major League parks. It may take years to complete the journey but we will try to get it done!

Atlanta Braves hosted the San Francisco Giants on May 6, 2018 at SunTrust Stadium. Access to the park was easy and while we did park a fairly long walk away, it was a beautiful day to walk up to the stadium.  This is a new stadium that just opened last year and it is very nice.IMG_3447-COLLAGEWhen I stepped into the park, I took a deep breath and wanted to feel the park with all my senses. From the smell of hot dogs and popcorn wafting around me, the feel of the cool breeze tunneling down the concourse to the sounds of the beer hawkers and cheers the fans to the sights of the players stealing bases and diving catches, I am immersed in this wonderful sport.  Everyone is here for one thing, to watch Baseball and it is invigorating.


We lunched just outside the stadium at Goldbergs. They sell bagels and burgers and other great food but were very busy. We brought Black-footed yellow frog with us and he enjoyed the place as well.

On our way into the stadium we met the mascot, Blooper who teased us about our Cardinals garb!P1010325.JPG

We had seats right down front on the corner of third base and Black-footed yellow frog enjoyed the view.  Our traveling companion didn’t even have to pay for a ticket!

I met a very nice couple while waiting in line to get souvenirs, Ian and Amy. They are also on a 32 park tour but they only have 8 parks left to go! It was great talking with them about their journey and experiences. I purchased the first of what I hope to be a collection of 32 pins!

The Braves lost to San Francisco 4 to 3. Atlanta scored early in the first inning when Flowers singled to the third baseman bringing home Accuna.  San Francisco came back and scored 2 runs in the 3rd on two line drive singles and then 2 more runs in the 4th on a fielders choice and a sac fly. Nothing until the bottom of the 9th when the Braves gave their fans some hope when Suzuki doubled to bring in 2 runs, only to crush it with a final pop up fly out to end the game. It just was a fun day at the ball park.

On to park #2P1010344

Until the next Journey…


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