Southern Trails and Tails…

This was, I decided, my purpose as a dog,
to comfort the boy whenever he needed me. Sometimes”
― W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose

Traveling is fun but can be a bit boring at times.  Long stretches of highway can feel monotonous and highways don’t look much different from place to place. However, I love traveling even when it isn’t exciting.

The Mutts all set to travel.

On the other hand, the Mutts are not super travelers but they tolerate us with our need to wander. Traveling with pets can be challenging at times, but keeping them happy and safe is our goal. Once we stop, they love camping, it’s their home moving that bothers them. We over accommodate for our Mutts sometimes, like skipping the Camping World shopping trip because a thunderstorm was on its way over us. We turned and went home because  Pemi doesn’t like those at all.

We strap the Mutts in with harnesses and seat beats when traveling.  This is very important for their safety and ours.  I sure don’t want my Mutt flying across the camper and getting hurt, not to mention, hitting their humans when it happens.  It doesn’t even have to be an accident, just a quick sudden braking can do this.

We use the harness Top Paw® Paw Print Dog Harness  in combination with a Kurgo® Direct to Seat Belt Tether from,  Total cost was under $40 per mutt. They are easy to put on and it are peace of mind knowing they are safe and sound when we travel. It also prevents them from wandering around the motor home while it is moving. As I said, they tolerate us.

Cordele KOA, Cordele GA

We traveled through Georgia staying at a couple of KOAs. The first one, Cordele KOA right off I-75 in Cordele, GA was very nice with large sites and was fairly quiet.  The Mutts loved lying outside in the sun and walking around the park.

The fur Mutts loved sunbathing in Cordele.

Timeout for a few pet peeves of mine (pun totally intended) on how people control their dogs, especially in campgrounds.

  • Do not use a long leash or one of those automatic extended leashes.  You can’t control your dog with those and it is rude to the people coming the other way to have your dog hogging the road. Use to a 6 foot lead and keep your Mutt under control.
  • If you know your dog is assertive with other dogs, don’t let them wander toward my dog. One, you don’t know if my dog is friendly or not. Two, it is just common sense. Our Lily loves meeting other dogs, Pemi not so much. Plus, we always ask the other dog owner if it is OK for Lily to say hello with a sniff or two.
  • When you tie your dog outside to enjoy the sunshine and be with the pack, make sure they are on a good solid lead and not loose, and please don’t have the lead so long they can reach across the road. It is very inconsiderate (and scary sometimes) to people who walk by wondering if the dog is friendly or going to take a bit out of them. You know your dog, quiet them when needed and make sure you are their Alpha.
  • If you have children, teach them to ask to pet a dog. Don’t have them just run up to the dog. Any dog can snap or bite, especially if they are surprised. We make our Mutts sit to say hello to little people and instruct the little people on how to approach them.
  • When your dog poops, pick it up right away!  Plus, don’t let your male dog pee on tires of vehicles, that’s just disgusting.
  • Last but not least, train your dog!!  Our Mutts are trained to walk on the left of us on a six foot lead and heel. We try to always be in control and teach them to be good fur citizens.
Black-footed Yellow Frog enjoying the sunshine in Cartersville/Cassville-White KOA.

Flat Tire

From Cordele, we went to Cartersville/Cassville-White KOA just north of Atlanta to the spend a couple of days while we went to the Atlanta Braves game.  This was a nice KOA, very quiet but a lot of the sites were on hills and not very level. Ours wasn’t too bad but it was narrow and the furry Mutts were a bit cramped in the site. However, there was a big field right in front of our site. Easy to walk the dogs and let them play. Our only excitement at the campground was a flat tire that we had to call in our roadside service to fix. Glad we have a tire warranty!

Onward to South Carolina! Since we have a Thousand Trails membership which we use a lot in the Orlando area, we decided to stop at Carolina Landing Thousand Trails in Fair Play, SC. This park is an older park built on a mountain. It was up hill both ways to do the laundry and my fitbit had over 18 floors by the end of day one!

Carolina Landing Thousand Trails in Fair Play SC

Most sites were very very tight not level at all. Some were almost impossible to camp at. We tried three spots before settling for the “best” one and that’s not saying much. It hadn’t been maintained in a long time with gum balls and weeds all over the place. It was so close to the tree we couldn’t hardly move. We were also concerned on how to get out of the spot as the turn down the hill and up again on a curve would most likely have us bottoming out.  Ted ended up backing up the way we came in.  Worked like a charm. It wasn’t all bad, we walked down to the lake which was a very steep hill and back. The cabins near the lake are very nice and the lake was beautiful.

We met a very nice couple, Jerry and Kim, who work for Thousand Trails as Membership Specialists. We talked about extending our membership and all sorts of other topics for at least a couple of hours. These are the type of people we meet camping: friends almost immediately.  The park needs some work, and we may end up back there. However, I am asking for one of the larger sites up near the office.

From there, we headed to Greensboro KOA where we stayed for a couple of days. Spent the days just chilling and walking the Mutts.   The campground sits right next to I-40 so traffic noise was a constant but it was not too bad.  The site was narrow but comfortable and the Mutts certainly enjoyed the sunshine. We did meet up with my cousin, his wife and boys who live just outside of Greensboro for a very enjoyable dinner. IMG_3482-COLLAGE

Dogs are certainly a lot of fun and one dog at the campground gave us some real entertainment.  Our Lilybelle loves sticks and chews them whenever she can find one but she has never tried what this dog did!! It was fun to watch, see below.


We have now made it to Virginia Beach, where we will stay for a while visiting friends and catching up.  We are staying at one of our old haunts, Holiday Trav’l Park. It is a very nice campground with lots to choose from. We are in a section we like and have camped at many times before we moved to Florida.  I lovingly call this campground, Squirrel Heaven as there are so many and they are very bold, walking right up to the Mutts as they were sunbathing or chewing sticks!


Even with all the planning needed for the Mutts, camping with the Mutts is definitely very enjoyable and I wouldn’t trade this for the world.IMGP1290-COLLAGE

Until the next Journey…

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