Who are the Mutts?

“A lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.”
― Barack Obama

There are two definitions of “mutt” from Webster’s Dictionary. The first one is a mongrel dog, of which we have two rescue mixed breed dogs.  The second comes from mutton-head, which means a fool. So we are all fools; fools who love travel, good friends and fun.  The four of us travel together through life and in our “home on wheels” to see this beautiful Country we call home.

We travel in our motor home with our two rescued mutts, Pemigewasset and Lilybelle.  We left our 9 to 5 jobs and have just stepped away to travel and start something new! We have made our home in sunny Florida but will be traveling seeing new sights and enjoying the people and landscape of this beautiful country we call home.



The Foolish Mutts

P1020516We are Ted and Suzy Burlock.

Ted is a lover of baseball and all things sports. Ted wants to visit every major league and many of the minor league parks around the country. Football stadiums too if we can.

Suzy is a genealogy buff and is researching the family history. We love visiting historic sites, places where our ancestors once lived, baseball games and finding great local restaurants.  Our goal one day is to travel to all of the 50 states, a couple without the RV.

The Mongrel Mutts

PemiPemigewasset, Pemi for short, is a a Shar-pei/Parson Russell Terrier mix with a lot of traveling salesman mixed in as well.  Her name comes from an Abenaki word which means “swift”, which she is most definitely not.  We were both raised in northern mountains of New Hampshire and the Pemigewasset valley and river are beautiful.  She is eight years old and is a very laid-back lazy girl. IMAG0021She loves to walk behind us when take our long walks.  We have to sometimes pull her along!

Pemi got the nickname, the un-puppy, when she was just twelve weeks old. The lackadaisical attitude started young with her. She rarely gets excited and only barks when someone knocks on the door. It takes her minutes to get off the couch when we are getting ready to take a walk.

LilyLilybelle, Lily for short, is a Boxer-Dalmatian-American Stafford Terrier mix.  We wanted to change her name to Merrimack or Kancamungus to keep with our NH theme. Either would have been great names for her but since we adopted her when she was already a year old and knew her name, Lily kept her moniker. We changed it slightly adding the belle.

Lily is a sweet, cheerful pup who loves people both two and four legged and is a bit excitable as her breeds would suggest. She is the polar opposite of her sister. She runs circles around the motorhome getting ready for a walk while Pemi takes minutes just to get off the couch after two dozen stretches. Lily loves to snuggle and has separation anxiety especially if Pemi isn’t with her. The two of them get along like peas in a pod.  Lily, unfortunately, is not the best of travelers. She gets very nervous when the motorhome moves and needs to be sedated when traveling.


Join us as we foolishly explore this great country!

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